We Care About You and Your Success

We believe people are an organization’s most important asset. You will not find another company who has a better understanding into a clients’ goals, job requirements, culture, & who is interested in getting to know you one on one.

At ROI Search Group, we hold a deep-rooted belief that people are the most vital asset of any organization. We stand apart from other companies by truly comprehending our clients’ goals, job requirements, and culture, while genuinely investing in building personal connections with everyone we work with. We are not just another recruitment firm; we are your trusted partner who goes above and beyond to understand your unique needs on a one-on-one basis.

If you are seeking a firm that embodies qualities such as diligence, happiness, expertise in people, and a track record of success, then we invite you to engage in a conversation with us. We strive to establish a strong working relationship based on mutual compatibility and shared objectives. Every client we serve is given our undivided attention, ensuring that we deliver a level of service that exceeds expectations. Our boutique firm approach, coupled with white-glove service and unwavering dedication, sets us apart in the industry. 

What We Focus On

What sets ROI Search Group apart is our unwavering dedication to excellence, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates, understanding that success is built on trust, transparency, and mutual satisfaction. Our commitment to quality ensures that every interaction with ROI Search Group is marked by professionalism, responsiveness, and a genuine passion for connecting the right talent with the right opportunity.

For job seekers, ROI Search Group is your gateway to exciting career opportunities. We are committed to empowering professionals by connecting them with positions that align with their skills, goals, and aspirations. We provide personalized guidance, interview preparation, and valuable insights into the job market, helping you stand out from the competition and land your next career opportunity.

We represent organizations that some people would consider to be the strongest nationwide. These organizations have earned that recognition because they have exceptionally run departments and invest in their talent. These organizations have set the bar high for their team. We passively identify candidates who exceed these expectations. These organizations hire high-preforming individuals who are in the top 20% of their skill set as recognized by their colleagues.

Our Twelve Beliefs

1. Do the right things for the right reasons.

2. Be transparent.

3. Do what you say you are going to do.

4. Exceed expectations. Deliver more than expected.
Always under-promise, and over-deliver. 

5. Listen to your audience.

6. Invest in people.

7. Be happy and stay positive in every situation.

8. Dream more. Never stop dreaming and believing in  yourself. Push yourself. Be your very best.

9. Integrity is everything. Never compromise your name.

10. Let your passion fuel your work.

11. Bless others. Give back to your community. Make a difference.

12. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 

Our Difference

We can guarantee you will feel the ROI Search Group difference because we believe people are an organization’s most important asset.

Drawing upon seasoned experience, our proprietary methods provide a better understanding of client goals, job requirements and company culture. What makes us standout from other executive search firms? The biggest difference between our firm and others is how we don’t want you to feel like we are just a vendor for your company. We want you to feel that we come into your company with the same motives and mission as you so that we can improve your company from within. We care about you, your company, your clients, and your outcomes. 

We can tell you what we do, but we would rather show you.

How Do We Do What We Do?

Single Point of Contact​

At ROI Search Group, our structure and process give YOU the most value. You will have one contact coming to meet with you and the team about what you want and need. We will custom build the search strategy based on what you want. With weekly meetings, there is nothing lost in conversation, ensuring clarity and efficiency throughout.

Seasoned Professionals​

Our team boasts 121 years of combined experience, with expertise spanning 57 years in healthcare and 46 years in human resources. We maintain a 1:1 ratio of senior client consultants to talent acquisition consultants, ensuring dedicated, personalized service for sourcing exceptional candidates for specialized roles.

Unlimited Searches

Unlike our competitors, who often depend solely on their internal databases, we do not restrict our searches to such directories. We believe that each search is distinct and demands a unique approach. This expansive search strategy ensures that we consistently discover exceptional talent that meets the specialized needs of our clients


Our commitment to you is firm: we will never solicit your employees for other opportunities. Unlike the standard industry practice of a one-year restriction, we pledge to never engage with placed candidates for other roles at any point. This policy ensures that your organization is protected from poaching, upholding our promise of integrity and respect.


We present you with executive summaries of top candidates, and we will not simply run resumes across your desk. Candidates who meet your criteria undergo a thorough screening, including social media investigation and background checks, prior to our presentation to you. We pride ourselves on there being on surprises.


We provide substantial value, where our fee structure includes performance-based installments. An initial engagement fee is required upon signing an agreement but is fully refundable if we fail to produce at least two qualified candidates within the agreed metrics. This ensures your contract is based on performance, not just timelines.

Administrative Fees​

“administrative services”. For travel expenses, we feel the best practice is to assess what makes sense for your organization. We will track the travel expenses and bill you accordingly. The goal with travel reimbursement is to cover the costs of the travel related to your candidates.

Minimum Fees

At our core, we are a performance-based organization committed to transparency and efficiency. We do not impose minimum fees or pass on unwarranted extra charges. Our approach ensures you pay only for tangible results, aligning our success with your objectives

We will give you better service, with a more personalized process, at a more reasonable cost and do it faster. Even if you are just curious, it does no harm reaching out to us to explore your options. Better yet, we will come to your office, at our cost, and talk about how we can help you. We understand the internal pressure to use a big-name search firm, it is certainly the safe play. That said, we are confident we can provide you a better option.

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